About Us


We are a boutique New York law firm representing clients primarily in matters regarding Corporate / Finance and Real Estate law matters, as well as Entertainment law matters. We are a full service corporate firm, representing small to medium size businesses and 501(c)3 nonprofit corporations in all of their corporate transactional needs. Our representation includes all areas of the formation process; partnership and membership agreements; stock and asset acquisitions; mergers; all areas of financing including early stage investment rounds for emerging companies; obtaining 501(c3) tax exempt status for nonprofit corporations; regulatory compliance; joint ventures; and commercial agreements.

We represent clients in various real estate law matters as well, including serving the needs of investors in the purchasing of distressed mortgage notes, both residential and commercial. In doing this we represent the interests of investors in the entire process, including any due diligence prior to purchasing the note and procuring the property; the purchasing of the note; the procurement of the property; the development of the property; the sale of the property; and everything in between. We also represent both financiers and developers in the financing process of commercial property development projects.

We also serve clients in the entertainment industry in various sports and entertainment law matters, including licensing and distribution agreements, nondisclosure agreements, talent releases, performance agreements, and the financing of various entertainment projects.